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Diamond River Outfitters are best known for their fantastic trips geared towards targeting Large Mouth Yellowfish and Small Mouth Yellowfish. They also offer a very special trip to Groot Marico where you can target Largescale Yellowfish on fly.

Travelling not far outside of Gauteng means you can head out for a few trips a season to enjoy the fantastic local fly fishing that is just on our door step. REEL Fly Fishing first made contact with the guys from Diamond River back in mid 2019 and we knew right away that their passion and ethics were in line with ours. If you are looking to book a trip or pick their mind for a little more information then be sure to head on over to their website or drop Rob a call/mail.

Diamond River Outfitters also assists REEL Fly Fishing with long term tackle tests, product feedback and insider tips that they pickup while out on the water.

“Diamond River Outfitters is a small dedicated team, specializing in remote wilderness fly fishing camps.

We take guests off the well traveled path in style. Our guests can expect exceptional fishing, beautiful places and dedicated people.

Our mission is to create lifelong memories and preserving fertile fishing grounds.”


Setups that will maximize your time on the water


Euro Nymp/Dry fly setup  |  Large scale and small mouth yellowfish
  • Euro Nymph 3wt or 4wt 10’| fly rod
  • Large arbor fly reel with Euro nymph fly line and backing
  • Euro nymph leader
  • Tungsten weighted flies and jig flies
  • Fluorocarbon in 4X – 6X for nymphs
  • Nylon tippet in 5X – 6X for dry flies
7wt  setup  |  Large mouth yellowfish
  • 7wt 10′ fly rod preferably
  • Large arbor fly reel with spare spool and 100m+ backing
  • A floating WF7 and Intermediate or slow sinking WF7 fly line  |  a sinking tip WF7 is also very effective to target ledges and banks where Largies cruise
  • Fluorocarbon in 1X – 3X
  • Tapered leaders in 9′ in 0X to 3X
  • A selection of Large mouth specific flies  |  Diamond River Outfitters can help you with the correct patterns and flies




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