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If you are headed down to the garden route and are looking to target some of our amazing local species on fly, then Deon from Tidal Loops is the guy to contact. Deon focuses on various areas around Plettenberg Bay and lives in the area so he has a vast amount of knowledge, experience and an incredible fish finding ability. Deon also specializes in tailor made trips to New Zealand and can help you with some top tips, advice and knowledge on the rivers and areas that are best suited to chasing large wild brown trout.

Tidal Loops has been a long-term tackle testing partner for more than two and a half years, through Deon’s feedback and testing we are able to adjust, refine and perfect our setups for local species and conditions. This on the water time is invaluable and there is no replacement for it, only by conducting long term tests through a guiding company that fishing intense and actively with a variety of different skilled fly fisherman can we be rest assured that the REEL fly fishing products will endure.

The original setups Deon used for the first two years were the Brute 9wt and 7wt fly rods paired with Leviathan reels in 7 to 9 weight. 2020 brought with it some incredible new products such as the APEX fly reels and Salty Dog fly rods, Deon has since begun phasing in these new products that will form the basis of his local guiding go to setups for clients to make full use!

REEL fly fishing wholeheartedly recommends Deon from Tidal Loops, and we encourage you to support local small businesses like his when down on the garden route. What’s not to love about chasing your favourite species with likeminded enthusiasts?

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