REEL Fly Fishing is a company and brand born in the heart of South Africa out of the pure love for fly fishing. Building a business from a passion is no easy task but one that Shaun Carstens (owner and designer) had envisioned for many years prior to launching.

The vision behind the brand was simple, make fly fishing accessible and affordable but without compromising on quality, innovation or down to earth friendly advice and service.

After initial conception, design, testing and refinement we launched our fly fishing rods, reels and lines online in March 2017. Reception of the products was phenomenal and we quickly became a South African favorite when it comes to affordable quality fly fishing tackle.

2021 is the next cyclical refresh for REEL Fly Fishing and will see a host of newly developed ,from the ground up, products that will form our basis for the next 5 years. REEL Fly Fishing is at the forefront of fly fishing technology and during Q2 2021 we will be introducing products lines that only 4 other top international brands have done to date, making REEL Fly Fishing a top 5 in terms of international innovation and 1st in South Africa/1st in the Southern Hemisphere. 


Our product lines have since been tested by The Complete Fly Fisherman, local and international guides and avid fly anglers all around the globe to rave reviews and feedback.

REEL Fly Fishing has been expanding at a steady pace and operates almost exclusively online in order to offer our customers the very best in personal service, product knowledge, advice and pricing. This unique approach to the market allows REEL Fly Fishing to offer you products at prices 50-60% less than that of competitive brands. Having no middlemen, wholesalers, distributors or large retail markups on our products means that you are getting the best value for your hard earned Rand.

REEL Fly Fishing is a factory direct company that uses the same leading manufacturers as many other top fly fishing brands around the globe. Our manufacturers are based all around the world with key partners in South Korea, Europe, UK, Canada, Pakistan, PRC, USA and South Africa. We only work with the very best and most reputable manufacturers so that you receive the best fly fishing products possible.

Backup and warranties are all handled directly with REEL Fly Fishing and we firmly stand behind the brand and what it stands for; innovation, quality and affordability.

Being an avid fly fisherman myself, I knows what to look for when building new products as well as when we tailor make a fly setup specially for you and your destination.

You can rest assured when you next head out with a REEL Fly fishing product in hand that the gear has been through its paces and has been built with you, the fly angler in mind.

Shaun Carstens
Owner / Founder

My passion is designing, testing and producing the very best fly fishing rods, reels and accessories for the avid fly angler. I enjoy walking the romantic small wild trout rivers of the Eastern Cape as well hunting for Garrick and Grunter along the garden route.

My new found passion for Euro Nymphing for Yellowfish and Trout is my latest driving force behind our new TechNymph Fly Rods.